Thursday, April 14, 2016

Islam and Progressivism

In Islam, the concept of 72 houri (virgins) refers to an aspect of Jannah (Paradise). This concept is grounded in Qur'anic text which describes a sensual Paradise where believing men are rewarded by being wed (as defined) to virgins with "full grown", "swelling" or "pears-shaped" breasts. The content of the Koran is so disgustingly pornographic that some alive men may need ghusl (ablution) after sexual discharge just for hearing certain verses. Great! Most men use the Internet for such filth. Some Islamic scholars understand Paradise to be a female slave market where you can't buy and sell women but you can have sex with them "at once." Rape, in the real world. And as WikIslam writes: "The perpetual virgins will all 'have appetizing vaginas', and that the 'penis of the Elected never softens. The erection is eternal.' I can see why Obama love love loves Islam: It will put out of business the pharmaceutical companies that make Viagra and its many offshoots. And it fits in with the irrational fantasy that is Progressive Democraticism.

Enough of THAT fantasy.

Now let's get to the New York Times, the Megaphone of the Left as the Koran is the Megaphone of Islam. And the Alphabet of Propaganda, NBC CBS ABC CNN AP NPR PBS and last and least msnbc. And the beliefs of the President of the Democrats, Barack Obama. And the next president of the Democrats (excuse the following denunciation) The Bitter Old Biddy with Baggage. And other meaningfuls, TR, FDR and LBC. (JFK would be included but he slashed income taxes so is no longer a Democrat). To True Believers, these bringers of deception describe a world devastated by the Capitalism of Republicans, where individuals have an American Dream and the freedom to think, talk, write and act on it. But they are not True Believers of Progressivism, and so they must be muzzled. Rights end where Republicans disagree with the beliefs of True Believers. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is so outmoded. And a written Rule of Law? How unbelieving. If you believe in YOUR (Democrat) political party, you don't need anything in writing. TRUST!  NOW there are our Betters -- the Elites from university and the Democratic Party -- to lead us to Paradise, where we don't have any fears, anxieties, triggers, or responsibilities or work; a sensual Paradise where believing men and women and African Americans and Hispanics and LBGTQRSTs can do whatever they want, not just sexual intercourse with the perpetual 72. Most anything.

Saturday, April 9, 2016


                                                      The TRUMP Tea Party

The Tea Party was a spontaneous movement of Americans horrified by the election and inauguration of President Barack Obama. The instant impetus was a call by the CNBC television editor of its Business News Network on June 14, 1999, against Obama’s Homeowners Affordability and Stability Plan (HASP). It proved to be a ineffective program with a goal of giving away $75,000,000,000 in taxpayers’ money to help those homeowners whom he thought were cheated by greedy and dishonest bankers. Banks were to forgive principal and reduce monthly payments to 31% of a homeowner’s gross monthly income (disincentivizing success) dictating that banks chip in some and taxpayers the rest. There was no study of why homeowners couldn’t make timely payments only that the burden of guilt was on Obama’s perception that business people are dishonest and that only the federal government is capable of making it all right, and easy on homeowners. (When HASP didn’t work out, in 2009 came HAMP with its HHF – Hardest Hit Fund under TARP, the Troubled Asset Relief Program, and part of Obama’s MHA, Making Home Affordable thing -- and HARP – Home Affordable Modification Program and Home Affordable Refinance Program – to help near-underwater homeowners refinance mortgages after home prices plummeted after 2007 – which didn’t work so HARP 2.0 was dictated the end of 2011 to eliminate any limit of negative equity in refinancing. Yes, HASP HAMP HARP HHF MHA and TARP all were a TRAP. And that trap enraged many Americans who had been rational, careful and prudent and vehemently disagreed with their hard-earned tax money being used to bail out those who had not been rational, careful or prudent. Many held that Obama’s inexperience and lack of much contact with the world of commerce led him to want to give bank and taxpayer money away immediately rather than taking the time and intellectual effort to understand the problems, the causes and improvise some lasting solutions.

The people’s lack of any control over the president’s unilateral and wrongheaded expenditures of hundreds of billions of THEIR dollars, led to their forming various entities under the banner of the Tea Party. It was chaotic, with no central leader, formal structure or agreement on issues other than a desire for a smaller, more customer(taxpayer)-friendly government. In March, 2009, the Taxpayer March on Washington was held as similar protests arose in cities around the country. Ranges of attendee estimates were from 75,000 by the left-leaning media punditry to 800,000 by the conservative FreedomWorks which organized it. People gathered at the Freedom Plaza and marched, speaking, singing, chanting and waving the American Flag, to Capitol Hill, where speakers included present and former members of Congress. It was a wake-up call to the Progressive Democrats who then began to systematically destroy the Tea Party. Paul Krugman, chief Nobel barker of the Megaphone of the Left, the New York Times, described its “pathological meanspiritedness.” On the Alphabet of Propaganda, NBC, CBS, ABC, AP, CNN, NPR, PBS and “who’s watching” msnbc and its ilk came, “cheap demagoguery,” “racism,” “War on Women,” and the capper, “the American Taliban.” Except for a further ultimate disgust attributed to President Obama: “tea bagger,” a deeply derogatory unpresidential sexual quote. To enrage his members before a speech by that same hate-monger, President Obama, late 2011 in Detroit, Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa, Jr., had some dangerously violent comments about the Tea Party: “Let's Take These Sons of Bitches Out!” And gaining steam, the Progressive Democrats greatly damaged the Tea Party leaving it listless. Though it did leave remnants in some policies of the conservative Republican Congress and Speaker of the House of Representatives and former vice president nominee, Paul Ryan. The mind- and truth-less Huffington Post ran a detailed piece blaming the devils themselves, the Koch Brothers, employer to over 75,000 Americans, for financing the very birth of what the Left had already ground into becoming simply an annoyance with no political threat.

But then came 2015 and the initial jousting for the presidential candidacy. And the outsider’s outsider, Donald J. Trump, speaking forcefully and unrehearsed for the white working class feeling left behind by the politicians. It was the angry, voiceless Tea Party suddenly with a leader. The elites, the establishment both Democrat and Republican, were once again awakened – threatened – by a spontaneous uprising but this time by a man with charisma and money. And a devil-may-care disdain for their very establishment comfort and power.  Millions of Americans were moved to action once again and voted for him as their leader, their candidate for the president of the United States. Trump was no read-the-Teleprompter Obama or stringently rehearsed and practiced Hillary (“The Bitter Old Biddy with Baggage” – my description). He was authentically outspoken.

A surprisingly strong and vocal “We the People” once again threatened the establishment…from the President of the United States of America to Wall Street banks to union bosses, trial lawyers to Congressional patronage with cushy jobs including hundreds or perhaps thousands of lobbyists. The easy stasis of expropriating trillions from taxpayers to retain power was at risk. They needed to emasculate the man.

The anti-Trump rhetoric is intense, repetitive and follows the Progressive playbook of personal denunciation of every aspect of the man. But “We the People” who have not been cowed or brainwashed by its effective propaganda still believe that the country can be taken back by the people. But up against them are the government workers implanted by Obama, union bosses who command Obama, trial lawyers who finance the Left, the entertainment industry, the afore-mentioned non-Wall Street Journal, non-Fox media, the educational establishment from pre-K through Ph. D. and the administrators. But more troubling are the Venezuelan-like people who depend on the unsustainable deficit spending of the federal government in so many ways.

In all likelihood the next president of the United States will be a woman who gives off the appearance of corruption and has, under the umbrella of her husband’s blackness (dishonest-wise, not racial) and his name, been given the unearned pedestal. She is desperately needed by the President of the Democrats, Barack Obama, to spin into a beneficial “legacy” his abject failure; his self-acknowledged abuse of power causing a flat domestic economy where competitiveness and the American Dream have been replaced by the easy political correctness of diversity, free stuff and monetizing all aspects of life, destroying the (right from the Declaration of Independence) pursuit of individual happiness and denouncing all the United States of America has accomplished for the world and most everyone in it. And to alter the perception of the fact that his international cowardness has created an unstable world threatened by Islamic terrorism and ISIS.

Or a socialist.

Friday, March 11, 2016


In order to escape the embarrassing actions of the Establishment Right and the Old-lady Left, my beloved wife and are visiting close friends in the Republica Dominicana. NOT Cuba since dictators steal, imprison and kill their fellow countrymen who disagree with tyranny. And though the President of the Democrats embraces the Castros, Chavez (may he rest in hell), Hamas, the ayatollahs and other dictators and terrorists, I vehemently disagree with him.

Sunshine and deep friendships in a democracy is wonderful!

Later, Amigos and amigas.

Friday, March 4, 2016

A Random Walk Through the Wall Street Journal, March 4, 2016.

A Random Walk Through Today's Wall Street Journal

Another takeover of an industry: He wants to stop commissions, he see’s selling anything on commission is unscrupulous since everyone is business is crooked and all consumers are naïve and stupid. He’ll fix everything as he wants it.

Brokers Brace for Tighter Standard on Retirement Accounts

Firms say change will drive up compliance costs and could force them to drop middle-class clients

“The Obama administration is changing the structure of the stock brokerage industry to better control it in the future. This will make bigger firms even bigger and destroy much of the competition. Obama wants to eliminate all commission-based sales. He thinks all sales people are dishonest and his way: fees, are the only way to protect the helpless consumer.

“Thousands of small brokerages are bracing for a tighter rule governing investments they recommend to retirement savers, a change they say will drive up compliance costs and could force them to drop middle-class clients.

“The idea of the regulation, which could be released this month by the Labor Department, seems unobjectionable enough—that brokers would follow a ‘fiduciary’ standard when making investment recommendations. Currently, brokers’ advice only has to be ‘suitable,’ which critics say is a weaker standard that allows the sale of expensive products that eat into returns.

The rule’s opponents, including many in the brokerage industry, say it will increase their costs and make providing investment advice to small-balance retirement accounts less profitable.

Already, anticipation of the rule is pushing some companies to scale back their business in the brokerage area. The associated compliance costs were a key motivator, among other factors, behind American International Group Inc.’s decision in January to sell its brokerage unit, AIG Advisor Group.

About $3 trillion of more than $7 trillion in individual retirement accounts is expected to be affected by the rule, according to research firm Morningstar Inc. About $19 billion in revenue related to those IRA assets could be affected, and operating margins on IRA assets could fall up to 30%, Morningstar said.

*          *          *

Obama Administration Hits Medicare Payment Target Early

“Shift in the way payments are made emphasizes quality of care over quantity”

Obama believes all providers of healthcare are dishonest and will change that according to his own politics or beliefs…having never touched the private sector or the industry. He is changing it to his hope. Yes, consumer you are stupid.

WASHINGTON—Obama administration officials said Thursday they were almost a year ahead of their target to change the way Medicare pays hundreds of billions of dollars to providers for treating older Americans.” This is his definition of ‘quality of care’ or that of Harvard Elites.

“The Department of Health and Human Services had wanted the federal insurance program for seniors to make 30% of its payments to doctors and hospitals on the basis of the quality of care they provide, rather than the quantity, by the end of 2016. That was seen as a step toward hitting 50% by 2018, beyond the lifespan of the Obama administration.”

Of course all definitions are political and based on the need to make political achievement for Obama’s Legacy rather than actually providing better care and lower prices. More bureaucrats rarely achieve those two goals. Obama said of his headguy: “You get bragging rights this year!” He said. “You’re proof that the law works.” And “We’ve been moving Medicare to a payment model that rewards quality of care over volume,” clearly ignoring that an aging population will force “volume.”

*          *          *

Government bureaucracy (not) at work:

Home Builders Slowed by Permit Delays

“Housing market is starting to heat up, but understaffed city governments are failing to keep pace”

“Bradley Gaskins, chairman of the codes and standards committee of the American Institute of Architects, said the group’s members are seeing permit approvals take six to eight months in hot markets such as Florida and California, versus the typical two to three months.

“The delays come as housing affordability is a growing challenge in many cities around the country. Rents have risen 20% over the past five years, according to data provider Reis Inc. and home prices have risen 25% during the same period, according to the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index.

“In Denver, home prices have shot up more than 40% over the past four years, according to Case-Shiller, while rents have jumped 25%, according to Reis.”

*          *          *

The American political divide brings smaller spending increases demanded by Republicans than Democrats. But increases anyway. Corruption. Maybe Trump is the answer.

Senators Split on FDA and Medical Research Funding Bill

“Health panel’s Democrats plan to offer their own version in unusual move”

“WASHINGTON—Senate Republicans are moving ahead with their own legislation to relax Food and Drug Administration approval processes and boost medical-research funding, after talks to produce a bipartisan bill broke down.

“The legislation being developed by Senate Republicans would create an NIH Innovation Fund to pay for certain priorities of the Obama administration, according to Sen. Alexander. He declined to specify how much would go to this fund, though the administration is asking for amounts of about $1 billion or more. The Democrats’ bill calls for $5 billion in annual new funding for the NIH and the FDA.

“The fund would pay for Vice President Joe Biden’s cancer “moonshot,” the president’s Precision Medicine Initiative on genetic health research and help fund the work of young scientific investigators.”

*          *          *

Yes, Hillary is Bernie Light, but Robbing Hood with your money.

Clinton Tax Plan Would Raise $498 Billion but Hinder GDP Growth — Analysis

“Hillary Clinton’s tax proposals would raise $1.1 trillion over the next decade, and the highest-earning 1% of households pay more than 77% of the tab.”

That would actually reduce revenue by $374 billion over the decade because the higher rates would encourage taxpayers to hold onto assets rather than sell them and pay taxes…”

*          *          *

Obama is giving away over ONE TRILLION of taxpayer dollars. Is no one insanely angry? Or does no one know of this? He’s increasing his bureaucracy to give it away.

The Feds and Students vs. Taxpayers

“Obama is encouraging loan recipients to claim they were misled by colleges. Guess who will pay.”

Last month President Obama announced the creation of a ‘Student Aid Enforcement Unit’ that could end up costing taxpayers billions of dollars and reduce access to career training in the U.S. Housed in the Education Department, this unit follows the president’s complaint last year that many schools—especially career-training, for-profit schools—rely heavily on federally funded loans yet do not reliably graduate students equipped for jobs.

The Student Aid Enforcement Unit will greatly increase the use of two little-known Education Department regulations, first enacted in 1994. The ‘borrower defense’ permits students to claim they owe nothing on their student loans because they enrolled based on a school’s misleading assertions about job-placement and graduation rates. The ‘closed school’ regulation relieves students from their debt when a school they are attending shuts down. Federal education loans that are forgiven become liabilities of the government, i.e., the taxpayers.

“Now that students are being encouraged to claim that they were misled, a small industry has already taken root, with online forms asking students if they feel they have been misled and then detailing how they can file for relief from loan repayment. Class action law suits are also being readied and filed to discharge even more student loans.

Certainly, the federal government has a responsibility to protect students from bad schools engaged in deceptive practices, especially since the federal government provides over $100 billion in loans each year to students enrolled in public, private and proprietary college and universities.

“The expansion of the application of borrower-defense regulations—from a handful of cases over 20 years to potentially thousands annually—has opened the door for any students, from any institution, nonprofit or for-profit, to claim they were lured to the school by deceptive practices. As the new Student Aid Enforcement Unit (which adjudicates the claims based on state laws) overflows with claimants alleging unfulfilled promises of employment, postgraduate education or a rewarding career, taxpayers will be left holding the bag.”

*          *          *

No comment needed.

President Obama Created Donald Trump

“After the cool, weak and endlessly nuanced Obama, no wonder voters are going for a strong, blunt leader.”

“President Obama doesn’t get enough credit for his accomplishments. I know this because he often tells us it is so. I happen to agree that he doesn’t get enough credit. No, not for slowing the rise of the oceans or healing the planet, as he immodestly claimed he would, even before taking office. He has succeeded handsomely, though, in living up to his vow to be a transformative president, like Ronald Reagan, and not an incremental one in the Bill Clinton mold. Mr. Obama has accomplished many changes—they just aren’t the ones we were waiting for.

“Mr. Obama has alienated allies like Israel while encouraging adversaries like Iran and Cuba. He has fostered Americans’ record-breaking dependence on government programs and record-low participation in the workforce. He has expanded the power, size and expense of the federal government in unprecedented ways, all at the expense of Americans’ freedom, standard of living and economic well-being.

“But the president truly doesn’t get enough credit for creating one of the most polarizing forces in American politics today. No, not Hillary—that is more Bill’s doing. Let’s be honest: There would be no Donald Trump, dominating the political scene today if it were not for President Obama.

“I believe that voters tend to act in open-seat presidential elections to correct for the perceived deficiencies of the incumbent. In 1980, after four years of President Carter’s telling us to turn up the thermostat and wear a cardigan, while the Soviets invaded Afghanistan and the Iranians invaded the U.S. Embassy, the fed-up American people elected a cowboy to the White House who made it clear that the evil empire’s days were numbered.

“After eight years of President Reagan’s supply-side economics and broadsides against welfare queens, we got a kinder, gentler President H.W. Bush. After four years of international diplomacy without the “vision thing,” we got a loquacious Arkansas governor promising to invent a third way forward focused on the economy at home. After eight years of Clintonian empathy and skirt-chasing, we got a plain-spoken President George W. Bush, who promised to restore integrity to the Oval Office. After Hurricane Katrina and post-Hussein Iraq, we got the professorial President Barack Obama, who seemed to many to promise competence.

“After seven years of the cool, weak and endlessly nuanced “no drama Obama,” voters are looking for a strong leader who speaks in short, declarative sentences. Middle-class incomes are stagnant, and radical Islam is on the march across the Middle East. No wonder voters are responding to someone who promises to make America great again. You can draw a straight line between a president who dismisses domestic terrorist attacks as incidents of workplace violence and a candidate who wants to ban Muslims from entering the country.

“Mr. Obama likes to bemoan the increasing partisan divides across the country, as if he were merely a passive observer at best and a victim at worst. Uncharacteristically, the president is being too modest. He has created the very rancor he now rails against. Imagine how different things would be if Mr. Obama had pursued a stimulus bill that included targeted tax cuts and infrastructure spending balanced with gradual entitlement reforms—instead of a stimulus that merely dusted off congressional Democrats’ wish list of pork-barrel projects and ideological experiments.

“Imagine if Mr. Obama had actually worked with Republicans in an open process to bring down health-care costs—instead of pushing through, on a partisan vote, the largest expansion of government-welfare programs in a generation. Or if he had listened to the message that voters sent in the first midterm election by putting Republicans in charge of Congress—instead of petulantly relying on executive orders, and using an eraser and whiteout on the Constitution, to shove the Environmental Protection Agency and other federal agencies deeper into Americans’ lives.

“Over the past seven years America could have been transformed in an inspiring way if its education system had been opened up, if its energy policy had been liberated, if the entire approach to governing had been overhauled. President Obama chose the opposite approach, favoring a closed education system that fails millions of children and an energy policy that chains the economy to his green agenda.

“President Obama loves to construct straw men so he can contrast his heroic self against them. But Donald Trump needs no characterization; he is capable of being absurd on his own, no outside help required. Without President Obama, there is no Donald Trump. Mr. Trump often diagnoses the ills Mr. Obama has caused, but his prescriptions are just as often wrong. America deserves better.”

Mr. Jindal is the former governor of Louisiana.

Thursday, March 3, 2016


Mitt-toast spoke. He, who is one of Trump's "losers," (no doubt there) said Trump is dangerous, unfit, a danger, the Devil incarnate...whatever.

But could it be Romney simply doesn't want a fellow businessman to win after Romney should have won in 2012 but was too lame (in my view) to stand up for 1) business 2) free enterprise 3) venture capital 4) capital 5) capitalism 6) freedom from government 7) other stuff. If the man could not proudly call out the anti-American, anti-business Megaphone of the Left, The New York Times, and his anti-law, anti-American opponent while defending that what he did in venture capital and private enterprise: creating prosperity and jobs. [Like the run-on sentence?] And defending and defining "profits" and the America that is (was?) great. He actually had the election if he would have been proud of his own accomplishments. He was not (or possibly was too polite) and lost. Why would anyone listen to him castigate the Republican front runner, who has brought out Republicans to vote in greater numbers than Mitt-toast did? And more independents are joining Trump's Republican Party?

It is about power.

Trump does not need lobbyists, rich contributors, the powerful, the Elites. Nor does he need The New York Times or, for that matter, Fox News. He does not need the same people Bernie is rejecting (and gaining a huge following). The same people The Bitter Old Bitty with Baggage NEEDS. Rubio supporters, who want and can get something from him.

Huh? So both Bernie and Trump have "We the People" on their sides. From 100% different angles. One from socialism and tight authoritarian control over everyone's lives, taking from the successful and doling it out carefully to advocates, adherents and those wanting a free ride. The other -- Trump -- comes from freedom, the right to choose (choose your life not simply to kill fetuses) and the right to try to accomplish.

Trump is a person to look up to, with respect, a little envy, but an enjoyable winner. An icon with a sense of humor in a humorless profession.

Sanders is a person to want something free from.

Both want to end "Citizens United" -- the buzz word meaning money in politics -- in their own way. Sanders by fiat, Trump by freedom. Both are desperately threatening to the Elites with power, raw power over "We the People."

These Elites, both Left and Right,  crushed the Tea Party. The Tea Party is on a surge for Trump (Trump Party)? Surge for Trump! A great marketing phrase, since the surge in Iraq was winning until Obama's arbitrary and stupid retreat not under fire except by politicians. The Elites are running scared and fighting back like a caged tiger, a mother bear, a threatened politician.

The only reason so many are lining up against Trump is fear. The question is: Is it fear of chaos? Yes, Trump will bring chaos. ("Out of Chaos, Comes Order" said Nietzsche.)  Is it fear of Elites hanging on to the status quo of their power? Trump doesn't need them, so...yes. Will Trump be a crazy man with the bomb, like Putin, Kim Jong-un or the Ayatollahs? Unlikely since he'd want to protect his wealth from them. Is he a racist? Misogynist? Democrat? Whatever. He's no Black Lives Matter racist. No Clinton. Seems to have a nice wife and kids.

More periodically later.

Sunday, February 28, 2016


Just ruminating.

Remember the spontaneous uprising that was the Tea Party? And how the New York Times, the Megaphone of the Left, the Alphabet of Propaganda, NBC CBS ABC AP PBS NPR CNN and MSNBC along with the President of the Democrats crushed it through intimidation, lies and obfuscation (along with the Obama government's IRS investigations and crippling of Tea Party non-profits).  It was an optimistic organization wanting smaller government, freedom of religion, and more choices through free enterprise. But, of course, the Left cannot have optimism, it must destroy the belief that the United States of America is good, beneficial and has brought prosperity to the world. No, Obama's America is unequal, unfair, racist, sexist, genderist, and every other ist. It needs a Progressive Authoritarian Dictator to tell us how to think, talk and act. By the way, HE is the enlightened ONE who knows how we should live our lives. (You think Trump is a narcissist!)

The Tea Party was killed.

Along comes Donald Trump who has been a Democrat, a Republican, essentially a political agnostic but a big success in the free markets. Anathema to Progressive Democrats. He has dealt with politicians, bought them, negotiated with them to gain what he wanted and won. Would he engage with Congress, unlike Obama?  Who knows? But Trump seems to love America, unlike Obama. So his goal might well be to make it great again, unlike Obama who wanted to completely restructure it, believing the Founders of the country and Authors of our Constitution were old, out of touch, rich racists needing to be dishonored. He tried and has ended up with a mess, an unorganized mismanaged mess. Rather than Hope and Change, we got a Hopeless, flat economy without banks lending for growth. For Change, we got a monumental explosion of micromanagement of business and finance from zealous, anti-capitalist, anti-business Obamaistas, not only regulations but demands that companies hire thousands or tens of thousands of bean-counters to report to the federal government every time everyone goes to the toilet. Obama second guesses business and sues for inadvertent mistakes. As for promoting competition, innovation and growth, Obama doesn't understand...Trump does.

Now the Far-left and Far-right hate the thought of a non-Progressive or non-conservative taking the reins of the country. But Obama and his flock complain that conservatives block all his progress, "his" being the operative word, not "ours." Trump will negotiate, shouldn't they want that? Conservatives demand litmus tests against abortion, illegal immigration "amnesty" and same-sex marriage. Perhaps Trump is a middle-of-the-road moderate. For growth in the economy first for strength of free enterprise. Apparently social conformity is what they want not a growing economy. So if 20% of America is Far-left and 20% Far-right, 60% will vote for Trump.

The next President of the United States: Donald J. Trump.

Friday, February 26, 2016



Bernie Sanders is a democratic socialist in the running as Democrat candidate for the presidency of the United States of America.  Stop and take in that sentence. [Pause] One of Socialism’s most stunning current examples these days is Venezuela. What could Berniezuela actually mean for the United States? Interestingly enough, the political system of Venezuela is just like that of the United States – a democratic federal republic with a president, two houses of legislature and a supreme court.

Venezuela was once rich and prosperous; from the 1950s its economy was the strongest and most prosperous in all of South America with the highest standard of living. In 1998 Hugo Chavez was elected president on his own radical hope and change, the "Bolivarian Revolution." It was a mass movement to socialism through popular democracy. Once in office, the democratic socialist Chavez gave the poverty-stricken populace who supported him free stuff: highly subsidized food, housing, and gas for their cars, free healthcare, education, and low interest rate loans. At same time he expropriated whole industries from private hands into government or cooperative ownership; For what Chavez didn’t take, he fixed the prices.

Now let’s review some of the things President Obama has done and Bernie pledges to do in the United States.

Mr. Obama has explicitly expropriated to the government the student loan industry. He has implicitly expropriated the entire financial industry including placing government regulators into bankers’ offices. In a kind of mandated profit sharing against the five largest banks, the federal government has extracted $150 billion of their profits by investigations and threats of indictments forcing settlements. (Banks paid an additional $100 billion in fees.)  Government regulators fix banking prices, product offerings, loan structures and balance sheets. The president’s signature Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) was the virtual takeover of the healthcare industry, now having tens of thousands upon tens of thousands of pages of regulations and thousands upon thousands of regulators. Housing, auto manufacturing, the environmental, energy and high technology industries all are tightly controlled by a convulsion of arbitrary federal rules by the president’s administration. There is virtually no major company in any industry in the United States able to make decisions without first lobbying Washington, D. C. for permission.  

Yet, Bernie will go even further: The democratic socialist will, of course, continue subsidized food, housing and the “social safety net” all of which exploded under Obama’s advocacy. But to them Bernie will add free single-government-paid healthcare, free education including college. His plans include the redistribution of incomes and wealth by punitive taxes on those he deems “rich” or sometimes “the 1%” (whatever suits that day’s fancy) and increasing the minimum wage. He wants to set drug prices by fiat. Today the U. S. is experiencing the slowest recovery from any recession in its history by many measures; banks don’t lend to emerging businesses, workers drop out of the employment pool, and many Americans are rightfully dejected.

Each of these Democratic Party policies are the similar to those imposed on Venezuela by Hugo Chavez.

Another similarity of both countries is spending more than they take in, filling the deficits with massive borrowings. In the case of the United States, its borrowings, nearing $20 trillion, are in excess of its GDP of nearly $18 trillion while Venezuela’s $110 billion is only roughly half of its (slipping) GDP. Its deficits range around 15% to 16% of GDP or around $36 billion a year. Those in the U. S. range from 4% to 5% but deficits have been going on since the first Internet capital gains bonanza in 1998 through 2001 brought a surplus and peaked with Obama’s four trillion-dollar deficit years aggregating an inflation adjusted $5.5 trillion! (Yes, $5,533,840,000,000.)               

Bernie (as well as President Obama) wants the United States to take away the blue ribbon number one in world “mass incarceration” by dropping its 2,300,000 prisoners to less than the number two China’s 1,700,000, a decrease of 600,000 people. (With only 210,000 in federal jurisdiction, the “how” with Bernie seems not to matter). President Hugo Chavez released thousands from prison in his “reform” of criminal justice which rekindled kidnappings up to nearly 17,000. His denigration of the upper classes led some criminals to believe it was a license to kidnap. The result is that about the only growth industry in Venezuela is crime. Venezuelan murders per 100,000 of population were 21 in 1993, 25 in 1999, 44 in 2003,79 in 2013, reaching 90 by 2015, one of the highest in the world. That’s growth!

Other than crime, how is hope and change into socialism working out for Venezuela so far?

Recently three dozen 747s each stuffed with 50 and 100 bolivar bills of currency flew into Caracas’s Simón Bolívar International Airport, the namesake of Chavez’ revolution. Talk about printing money. (Venezuela had to have foreign printers, since it couldn’t purchase the special paper.)And spending it. In order to remain in power, Chavez and his hand-picked successor after he died, Nicolás Maduro, spent more than the country took in. Sound familiar? Even with record oil prices, new sums of dollars flowing in couldn’t keep up. Borrowings from foreign banks has reached $110 billion.

Venezuela recently had the most proven oil reserves in the world at nearly 300 billion barrels but a couple of private investors in the United States invented hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”), and now the U. S. is number one at around 390 billion. Petroleum products represent nearly all of Venezuela’s exports. In the U. S. the number is about 9%. (Venezuela absurdly did not diversify its economy during the spike in oil revenues from the political oil price boost by OPEC, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, in retaliation for the Yom Kippur War. And Chavez emotionally fired 20,000 oil industry workers – half – for taking part in a strike, greatly damaging the industry.) The recent 70% crash in oil prices has further devastated Venezuela.

Other than that, Venezuela’s inflation is expected to be 700% from nearly 200% last year the world’s worst. Chavez fixed prices for most every good and service, most of which come from other countries; local companies cannot afford to buy and make things to sell at his prices. So their revenues drop, employees are laid off and Venezuela has less money from lower taxes coming in. However, the black market is thriving. Poverty, too, is up, with over 10% of the population living in extreme poverty being unable to afford basic food and drink. A third of the population is thought to be poor. It at the top of the Global Misery Index for 2013 and 2014.

Recently the socialist revolution has not played well; even though the government dominates most of the media, Mr. Maduro’s approval rating is not much above 20%. The newly elected opposition National Assembly is in a power struggle with Maduro’s administration and Chavez’s Supreme Court. The court decided three opposition legislators cannot be sworn in for “electoral irregularities” depriving the legally-elected legislature of its supermajority ability to clean up the country.

I believe Berniezuala will take the United States on the road to insolvency and, as is occurring in Venezuela, dangerous social upheaval.  


Speaking of confused. The Chairman of the Federal Reserve System, Janet Yellen seems to be clueless. The economy seemed to be doing OK as her hundreds or perhaps thousands of little busy bees had prognosticated. Or perhaps as with the president of the U. S, she distills all this disparate data in her mind, discusses it with her closest advisors (perhaps those who hold the same beliefs about the fuel and infrastructure that energizes the economy. Perhaps those who disagree with her, so she actually has differing disparates. Perhaps she has "wide-ranging" discussions, perhaps she seeks out confirming biases. Who knows? But one thing to be always kept in mind: NO ONE CAN ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN THE FUTURE. They guess just like you and I edo. You may well be right as many times as she is. On  thing is pretty certain: The media will celebrate those who guessed right. And those who did not guess correctly, more than likely will mostly be ignored, perhaps identified as wrong.

As she lives and breathes, the markets react. Good economy she says, markets go up; except the artificial stimulus might be reversed. Markets go down; except the economy might be weak, markets go down; except that might mean more money printing and mortgage buying, markets go up; or not, markets go down.

You might ask why our country's economy is so weak -- the weakest "recovery" ever from a recession -- and now you know. Barack and Janet have no clue. And anyway Barry wants the capitalist system dead.


Thursday, February 11, 2016

War on Women Hell, There’s a War on Business

War on Women

There’s a War on Business

And business is losing: the American economy suffered a nasty recession from December 2007 through June 2009 and its “recovery” has been the most anemic ever. The first three 2014 quarters of GDP crawled upward at 1.9%, 2/6% and 2.7% versus an average of 4.6% over the 1960s. “[O]ur single most serious economic problem,” according to Jim Clifton, Chairman and CEO of Gallup is the lack of new startup companies, long the leader the U. S. now comes in twelfth. “But even more dangerous there are more failures of American companies than new ones starting for the first time in 35 years…when free enterprise dies, America dies with it.”  An article in the January 2, 2015, “Wall Street Journal”, “Endangered Species: Young U. S. Entrepreneurs” told of the drastic drop in people under the age of 30 who own private businesses, roughly 3.6% of them plummeting from 10.6% in 1989. Productivity, the foundation of U. S. growth has dropped over half since 2011 to 1.1% compared to 2.5% for the decades after 1948. But why is all of this happening now?  While Journal article mentioned several causes including a long hangover from the recession, a dearth of starting jobs, lower bank lending, and fear of these kids of failure, these seem a result. Others have blamed: new burdensome regulations, including from the Affordable Care Act and Dodd-Frank Act (enabled by high “whistleblower” bounties), accelerated federal and tort litigation, higher capital gains and personal income taxes, and massive negative publicity about “business corruption.”

I would add that there has been a relentless war on business by the Obama administration. As President Obama famously said at a campaign stop in Virginia, June 2012:  "If you got a business, you didn't build that – somebody else made that happen." That is a severe misunderstanding of and antipathy toward private sector business. The sole job President Obama ever held in the private sector – the only time in his life he actually touched private enterprise – for a New York international consulting group, in his autobiography “Dreams from My Father” he called himself “a spy behind enemy lines.” In those words he identifies the private sector as the enemy. Mr. Obama left that company to move to Chicago and begin his government work, initially in community organizing.

But even more than words, the president’s actions are the tell.

DOJ. Obama’s former attorney general, Eric Holder, through the United States Department of Justice has engaged in an unprecedented assault on banks, businesses, and individual businesspeople. With virtually unlimited taxpayer money, he has deeply investigated – with extravagant media coverage – the financial services industry about “abuses” which he said led to the so-called 2007 sub-prime mortgage loan meltdown and accompanying Great Recession. Many of the largest and most prosperous financial institutions have been charged with a grocery list of assertions of abusive behavior in issuing mortgages, packaging them into collateralized debt obligations, errors in servicing, even in alleged “abusive behavior toward homeowners” and of banks not adequately disclosing risks to other large, powerful financial institutions and finally, the all-encompassing “predatory lending,” whatever that means. It is exceptional Monday morning quarterbacking by the DOJ attacking businesses including Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Sun Trust, PNC, Sovereign, Ally, U. S. Bank, MetLife Bank, HSBC Holdings, Royal Bank of Scotland, UBS, BNP Paribas. As Justice clearly understands, most companies, fearing reputational and competitive risk, settle such allegations rather than investing millions of dollars and tens of thousands of executive and employee hours and years of negative media coverage to defend themselves. In settlements, DOJ doesn’t even have to define “abuse,” since the media has already defined it for it. Around $65 billion was paid in fines and settlements in 2014 up 40% from 2013’s previous record $46 billion. In winning settlements, the DOJ’s power and reach increases, with higher settlement demands. And other agencies jump on. All the media publicity from settlements cause average Americans to distrust big business and banking institutions, which seems to be an Obama administration objective. That it isn’t the money is explained by a September 18, 2014, “Wall Street Journal” article entitled “Billions Going Unrecovered” telling that the DOJ has failed to recover $97 billion “won” from these sorts of enforcement actions. 

NLRB. Three of five members of the National Labor Relations Board and its powerful general counsel are progressive Democrats with roots in labor unions.  The NLRB  remade a thirty-year-old rule by redefining “employer” to make one company (McDonald’s, a franchisor) the employer of other companies’ employees (each of its 14,000 franchisees) ruling that it “co-employs” workers together with its franchised local small businesses. More than three dozen unfair labor practice charges have been filed against other franchisors including Taco Bell, Subway, Burger King, Panera Bread, and Jack in the Box. This decision completely alters the business models of the eight million small business franchisees and eight hundred thousand franchisors making them easier to unionize. Other NLRB anti-business initiatives include requiring businesses to post an 11-by-17-inch poster essentially explaining that employees have the right to unionize to improve wages and working conditions; to form, join, and assist a union; and to bargain collectively with their employer. The NLRB  filed a complaint against Boeing for opening a new plant in South Carolina, a right-to-work state. It was acting on its May 10, 2010 internal memorandum that the NLRB wants to grant union bosses power over employers’ investment and management decisions, forcing companies to negotiate their investment plans with union bosses. It later withdrew the complaint and the poster requirement was overturned by the courts, in which the McDonald’s rule presently resides.

DOL. Über-Activist Secretary of Labor, Thomas Perez’ department ruled that home-care workers, including family members caring for their loved ones, must be paid, overturning a 1974 amendment to the 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act and enabling the easy unionizing of tens of thousands of innocent family helpers. At this point, a federal judge said “no,” and DOL has appealed. Perez himself was Ted Kennedy’s special counselor on labor.

EPA. The Environmental Protection Agency halted all oil and gas projects on public lands, delayed (apparently forever) the Keystone XL pipeline, and devoted fifties of billions of dollars to “alternative” energy sources from windmills, solar panels, ethanol and high-end electric vehicles. On January 14, 2015, the EPA proposed regulations to slash methane emissions in the oil and natural gas industry. It crippled mining from West Virginia to Alaska. The Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository was abandoned, thus killing all future nuclear energy. Along with his Department of Transportation, EPA arbitrarily required a presently-impossible 54.5 miles per gallon corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) for cars and light trucks by 2025, adding $5,000 to the price of each vehicle.

DOI. In a video message, December, 2015, President Obama announced that his Department of the Interior was blocking all oil and gas drilling in Bristol Bay, Alaska, virtually forever and on Sunday, January 25, 2015, DOI proposed to preserve as wilderness nearly 13 million acres of land in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, including 1.5 million acres of coastal plains that is believed to have rich oil and natural gas resources.  Later in the week, the department also is slated to propose a draft offshore leasing plan that is expected to include more limits on future oil and gas production in Alaska.

EEOC. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has greatly stepped up investigations and lawsuits, including a class-action sexual harassment claim against CRST Van Expedited, a Georgia nursing home, where a judge found EEOC’s FBI-like raid and conduct a “misuse of authority” and “frivolous, unreasonable or groundless,”  ordering it to pay $4,694,442.14 in attorneys’ fees, expenses, and costs in the largest loss ever against the EEOC, illustrating the strong lawless anti-business approach of the agency. It also arbitrarily pregnancy to be a workplace disability.

DOE. Through a provision passed in the health-care reform of 2010, the Department of Education became the originator of roughly ninety percent of U.S. student loans with taxpayer obligations soaring past $1 trillion. The president has coerced indebted students OUT OF working in the private sector by forgiving student loans if they work for non-profits or government for ten years.  If they work in the private sector it takes twice as long. Also, the Department of Education is purposely destroying for-profit educational companies by eliminating government funding for students through new regulations applying only to for-profit school businesses, not non-profits, such as President Obama’s alma mater, Harvard. These regulations took down 81,000-student Corinthian Colleges, one of the country’s largest for-profit companies whose students tended toward minorities, older persons and the poor. All U. S. schools will be closed or sold.

FDIC. In 2011, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation classified gun-selling as a “high risk activity,” along with thirty other industries the Obama government doesn’t like.  In 2012, the Justice Department adopted the FDIC’s “high risk” list into official guidance it provides to banks under Operation Choke Point. While there has been no definition proffered of “high risk” or “high risk activity” by either agency it warns financial institutions and payment systems such as PayPal, Intuit and Square from servicing such companies. Other targeted industries include: ammunition sales, coin dealers, credit repair services, debt consolidation services, fireworks sales, government grants, home-based charities, money transfer networks, pay day loans, telemarketing, tobacco sales and travel clubs. And in conjunction with this, it shut down a company it deemed to be an illegal direct-sales “pyramid scheme.”

In the president’s 2015 State of the Union address he said, “and no challenge – no challenge – poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change.”  Of course, in the first part of December, 2013, the growing income gap “income inequality,” was “the defining challenge of our time” he said.

He is wrong. The greatest threat to future American generations is his war on business, some examples of which are briefly described above. Popular opinion is negative toward business, capitalism, and free enterprise, undermining the foundation of innovation, growth and jobs which has brought unprecedented prosperity and high standards of living to Americans. Unless politicians can clearly spell out with clarity this war, interpret how it will adversely impact most Americans, and broadcast it to convince the American voter, the hope of Barack Obama to change America will come true.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Now that 2016 is underway, will Trump trump the field? Or..............


Only Bill and the FBI love Hillary, but her ego is too big to quit. Trump won big. Socialism for ignoramuses won. Trump can do no wrong. Fuck. Pussy. Ugly Carly. Bleeding Megyn. The Tea Party tried and the Megaphone of the Left, The New York Times, killed it. Maybe the Trump Party will do better.  He is striking an obvious nerve and it hurts those in power from both parties. As I have said, Trump will cause chaos and from chaos comes order, Hillary's path is known: more corruption and crazy wealth for that 1% -- the Bill Hill and Chill self-charity, and HBF Huma. The only pinprick in THAT condom is the FBI, though in all probability Obama will tell his Lynch party not to indict her and she will obey. Barry and Hilly might settle with no penalty and no admission of guilt to clear her decks. But since female voters can't stand her no matter what's between her legs, she can't win.

OK, then it will be Trump since even the American Left might develop palsy when trying to pull the lever for a socialist of no achievement.

Or Bloomberg who knows and dislikes Trump in all likelihood. Professional jealousy possibly. Bloomberg knows how to put together an organization to succeed and he has managed New York City successfully for three terms, one near-extralegal but he did win handily. While some of his liberal ideas such as banning human-caused Big Gulps and the religious belief in human-caused climate change are repugnant, his dog would govern better than Hill and Bern Baby Bern the country,

But if Trump engages Christie as his vice president, it might tip my scale toward them,

But it is early.  Very, very early. Very, very, very early.

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Three dozen (36) 747 cargo planes ferried Venezuelan currency from printing companies around the world into Caracas, Venezuela.

Stuffed to the brim 50 and 100 bolivar banknotes (that's their currency, like our "dollars") because it costs more to physically print twenty bolivar bills and tens and ones than they are worth. The country has been under democracy and some years ago "elected" as president Hugo Chavez, who was a Socialist in a "democracy" as Bernie Sanders professes to be. Being a Socialist he took from the rich and gave to the poor (the most numerous of voters). He also financed it by borrowing from the world's banks and selling its sole plentiful resource, oil. For billions of bolivars.  Then a butterfly flew in the United States. (Bing for the "chaos theory.") Two smart oilmen invented the technologies of long-distance, right-angled drilling and pressure fracturing of rock formations to free up access to oil and natural gas imprisoned for millions of years. Presto chango! The United States possessed and could get at more oil and gas than it needed.

Now please stick with me. When there is more "stuff" (whether goods, services, ideas or other) it becomes worth less if demand for it remains static (which rarely happens). This is called the "law of supply and demand" (Bing it.) In the case of energy (for which oil and gas is the most useful of material) at the time those entrepreneurs were to apply "fracking" and get rich(er), the Peoples' Republic of China, managed by people similar in ideology to Chavez, began a slowdown in its economy. (How much, no one knows since it is generally acknowledged that financial figures and released publicly from China are manufactured to the standard President Xi Jinping desires.)

OK then, supply increases and demand, because of the slowdown in China's economy the largest or second largest in the world, decreases. The result, children, is?

Oil and gas prices drop.

Venezuela has more oil than any other country in the world, but he U. S. dollars it brought in by selling oil declined precipitously. (Same output selling for less, yields less.) But Venezuela did not lower its spending since Hugo Chavez's hand-picked successor, Nicholas Maduro wanted to maintain his own power through socialist ideology after Hugo died in 2013. Promises are promises after all. Maduro lost the latest election.

Turning the supply and demand equation the other way, now the country of Venezuela had fewer dollars to back its currency (which outside of Venezuela was worthless) and buy necessary stuff to feed its people and keep the country running. If the supply of money drops and the demand for the things money buys stays the same, prices must increase. And increase they are, projected to be up 720% this year. (There is essentially no -- zero, nada -- inflation in the United States now.) A $1.00 bottle of beer in Caracas today will be $7.20 this time next year. A $10,000 car will be $72,000. That takes a lot more physical currency circulating throughout the country to buy things. Like food. And bartering is unwieldy. (This is how "business" began thousands of years ago.) But there is only certain number of physical (paper) bills of money. So it must bring some in since it can't afford to buy the paper and metal to print the bills itself. Just stop and think about that. Stop!

You might Bing the German Weimar Republic's inflation in the 1920s and 1930s that put Germany on its path to Hitler.

THIS IS BERNIE SANDERS' GOAL FOR THE UNITED STATES!!!! And, of course, any politician's consequence when he or she spends more money of the United States than it has or can generate. Today the United States owes nearly $20,000,000,000,000. (Twenty Trillion dollars.) This increased some $12,000,000,000,000 since the day Barack Obama was sworn in as president of the United States of America.

Saturday, January 30, 2016




"I’ve been trying to figure out how a Republican can win the White House this time around and I’m having a tough time.

"First, there’s the well-documented problem of demographics. Since minorities tend to vote Democratic, and since there are more minorities in America today as a percentage of the population than in past elections, that means there are fewer white folks around who are unhappy with the way things are going. And since Republicans desperately need white folks who are unhappy about the way things are going in order to win … you get the point.
Then there’s the related issue of the Electoral College, which is stacked against the Republican Party. As long as big population states like California, New York, and Illinois remain unwaveringly in the Democratic camp – and as long as Massachusetts and Vermont and Rhode Island and Connecticut and Washington State and Oregon and Minnesota and a few others historically throw their support to the Dems – Hillary (or, who knows, maybe Bernie) are on their way to victory before the first vote is even cast.

"And then there’s that small matter of the civil war raging inside the Republican Party.
Donald Trump was right when he said he could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue in New York and he wouldn’t lose support among his many loyal followers. They love Mr. Trump, as they respectfully call him. They’re not passionate about the Republican Party. They’re not passionate about conservatism (how could they be if they’re supporting Donald Trump). So if Trump doesn’t get the nomination, there’s a good chance his devotees would claim the game was rigged and say something like “Drop Dead” to the GOP Party.

"Cruz supporters are just as loyal — and doctrinaire, to boot. They comprise the hard right of the party – sometimes known as the suicide wing — that believes that anything less than ideological purity for the conservative cause is the same as selling out your principles. There was a time when they might have supported Trump if their guy didn’t get the nomination, but with all that bad blood between Trump and Cruz, don’t bet on it.

"And if one of the more moderate conservatives somehow manages to win the nomination, he (or she, if the talented Ms. Fiorina pulls off the impossible) would have to be an incredibly masterful healer to unite the disparate factions of the party – and that won’t be easy (which is a nice way of saying, given the passion of the Trump and Cruz acolytes, that would be almost impossible).
The wild card are Reagan Democrats, blue-collar voters who don’t have much in common with country club Republicans but who see Donald Trump, a man right at home in the fancy clubs attached to his many golf courses, as their kind of guy – tough, anti PC, no nonsense. If enough of them turn out, anything is possible.

"Republicans, of course, can hope the Democrats lose their minds and actually nominate the proud socialist Bernie Sanders whose politics make Nancy Pelosi look like Pat Buchanan. But that won’t happen.

"So that leaves Hillary Clinton, who is unlikeable, and lacks charisma, who is not seen as trustworthy and oh yeah, the FBI may recommend criminal charges against her."


Live in the past, Bernie. The present is disturbing. Sort of. The Left has won over America by an effective combination of propaganda (deprecating business, free enterprise, capitalism, achievement, inequality) from the Megaphone of the Left, the Lying New York Times (or if not lying, ever-present distortion) and the Alphabet of Propaganda, NBC CBS ABC AP NPR PBS CNN and MSNBC and peer-group popularity (it is cool to be Progressive). The Left owns the entire educational establishment from pre-K through Ph. D. including profs and cowardly administrations, the entire entertainment industry, most government bureaucrats (protected by civil service laws and unions), and most frightening young entrepreneurs who have made their billions not from long, hard work, but unexpected peer popularity of millions and billions of viewers on the Internet. It is financed by the union bosses and trial lawyers it put and keeps in business.

This is the Second Civil War in America and the right Right is badly losing. (Actually, like Bernie, it isn't even fighting, but GAGA: Going Along to Get Along.)

Enter Donald Trump. He is the ONLY person who can win the presidential election as a not-Democrat. What will that mean, I have no clue. But if YOU trust "We the People," trust them to elect Trump. "We the People" were conned by Obama's color, DJ voice and smile. He won, America lost. Trump will win, and "Out of Chaos comes Order." Nietzsche wrote it, can it be true?"

I described Obama correctly in 2008 before he beat Hillary and sadly along the way since then, in my blog:  which I am turning into a book.

Friday, January 22, 2016


Donald Trump is "Out of Chaos Comes Order" as Fredrich Nietzsche wrote. The Progressive Democrats (PeeDees) have been slowly transforming this once-great country from a free democracy into a one-sided power trip for PeeDees. FDR, LBJ and now Obama have fronted a mostly-Democrat Congress since FDR. What do we have? College kids telling us what to think, how to act and what to say, with their teachers and administrators pandering to them for the money they bring. The Academy Awards organization will make certain favored minorities receive Oscars because of the color of their skin not the content of their abilities. Affirmative action has increased incompetent bureaucracy and lawlessness. The police of this country are in retreat from Black Lies Matter and a racist Obama Justice Department, anarchy is beginning to Rule.  The Megaphone of the Left, The New York Times, and the Alphabet of Propaganda, NBC ABC CBS AP CNN MSNBC and the Left-wing government entities, NPR and PBS, all present Left-wing obfuscation of truth and outright lies as "news." The Obama government stitches new regulations out of their Left-wing imaginations crippling economic growth, which under this president has had the worst "recovery" from government-created recession in our history (except FDR's vast failure). Obama has renounced debate and compromise on which our political system is built; he tosses executive orders and money like a drunken sailor. He ignores the Constitution and its purposeful divided structure of government.  HE KNOWS ALL. Yet he is unable or unwilling to MANAGE the two or three million government workers and his incompetence of management permeates the country from the VA and Secret Service outward. Various left-leaning anti-business, anti-capitalism, anti-success, anti-white, anti-male, anti-American hugely profitable multi-million dollar propagandists such as the Environmental Defense Fund, Sierra Club, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Human Rights Campaign, Nature Conservancy, Planned Parenthood (which practices genocide by killing mostly-poor black fetuses), and George Soros's Open Societies, depend on government-financing to bring it down. Union bosses and trial lawyers count on Democrat-enabled legislation to cripple the country for their own selfish financial interests. One-and-a-half or 2% "growth" is the new Left-wing growth norm; IS THIS REALLY WHAT YOU WANT?

If Hillary Clinton, a proven liar and security criminal, with her own non-profit which has sold out America for billions of dollars, or an actual Socialist, Bernie Sanders, are elected president,  our country will continue on its highway to hell. A long road with potholes, but with just under  $20,000,000,000,000 in explicit indebtedness and nearly $100 trillion including Social Security, Medicare, various governmental pensions and the like, this U. S. path to mediocrity is shortening.

The Establishment Republicans, many of whom care more about reelection to their cushy half-time, time-and-a-half-paying jobs than you and me, are large contributors to this dirt road to mediocrity.

There is no debate to the truth that white people, and white males in particular, have achieved much if not most of the innovation, freedom and prosperity to Americans and brought out of dirt-eating poverty billions of human beings internationally. Buying some gadget made in China in your local Walmart has allowed millions of Chinese, Vietnamese and Indians to escape poverty.

Now these power-made PeeDees are shoving aside achievement for the blanket advancement of the unproven minority and microity of people, many of whom if given a chance, would prosper. Most whites and most white males, are average with perhaps the ten percent way below and ten percent way above average. It is the same with black folks, who represent 13% of the population, with LBGTQs who might be 4 -5 %, with everyone.


PeeDees don't even want it, they want themselves -- the microity of them -- to predominate over all the rest. "Inequality" as a rallying cry is only for power.  Socialism? Check out the USSR, Peoples [sic] Republics of China, Vietnam, Cuba and on and on. There is the leadership elite and the rest, the equality of the poor. But sometimes the military is rich, too, as in Iran.

We really know what will come with PeeDees gaining the absolute power they desire (and are reaching). We know the Establishment Republicans cannot stop them. So...............................
Chaos is the only chance the United States has. Trump may bring it, but from the point of view of loving America, believing in We the People, capitalism/free enterprise and achievement of the best. He will perform better for the country and We the People in it, than ANY PEEDEE (who actively hate what We the People stand for) Or ANY REPUBLICAN who look out for themselves.

"Out of Chaos Comes Order," bring it on, Trump!